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Basketball world has pro and college levels, but many people prefer one from another for the same reason, which is choosing the one worth watching.

Basketball players have high stamina, especially pro, but back to back will definitely affect how they play and manage their pace on the field.


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Pro and College Basketball: Which One Is Worth Watching?

We know that many people watch sport for the excitement, so imagine how surprising it might be when some people actually think that college basketball is more worth watching than pro such as NBL games. However, this kind of debate about college versus pro basketball is common in the US, where people treat college basketball almost at the same league with pro basketball. So, for all new basketball fans, which one is more worth watching?

Basketball Watching: Excitement versus Field Talent
If your goal is excitement, watching college basketball is definitely the better option. This is because college basketball makes hot headed and more ‘ferocious’ players playing face to face, not to mention the excited crowds that watch them. These are great if you are a type of sport fans that enjoy fiery and aggressive plays. However, pro basketball is definitely not a place for such audiences.

Professional baseball game can be somewhat ‘boring’ because most of the professional players apply more restrain in their play, as well as better control and calculation compared to college basketball. This makes the players seem more ‘controlled’ (thus ‘boring’), but actually you can see more field talent in pro game compared to college game.